Parse Transaction(s)

The max number of transactions you can pass in to this endpoint is 100.


Returns an array of enriched, human-readable transactions of the given transaction signatures. Please see Supported Protocols to see parsing coverage.
For a full list of Transaction Types and Sources, please see Transaction Types.
Use for devnet transactions
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Example Use Cases

Transactions directly served from RPC nodes are raw and require further processing to make usable in a dApp. It's hard and time-consuming to extract the context from a transaction. Was the transaction an NFT listing? A DAO vote? With our transactions API, we parse every protocol and extract this information for you. This can be quite useful for many use cases, such as:
  • UX friendly wallet transaction history
  • UX- friendly blockchain explorer
  • Enhanced querying - i.e., "get all canceled bids on this NFT over 200 SOL"
  • Analytics
  • Taxes
  • Portfolio performance / gains & losses
  • Loyalty programs based on user transaction history
  • Gating based on transaction history - i.e., "only people who've traded over 100 SOL of NFTs"

Code Samples

const axios = require('axios')
const url = "<your-key>"
const parseTransaction = async () => {
const { data } = await, { transactions: ["your-txn-id-here"]})
console.log("parsed transaction: ", data)