The most complete and powerful NFT API — exclusively on Solana.

NFT Events

We've carefully parsed and indexed every single NFT-related transaction on Solana since genesis — we're calling these NFT Events.
NFT events are transactions that represent NFT-related activities, such as listings, sales, bids, updated listings, mints, accepted offers, and more. You can query by any type of address (token address, user address, marketplace address etc), transaction type, collection, and time!
Note: our first release will not include NFT AMMs.

NFT Collection Mintlists

A "mintlist" is a list of the mint accounts of all the NFTs in a given NFT collection. In other words, it's the list of all the NFTs for a given collection. We've indexed these mintlists so you can fetch them in the most performant way possible.

NFT Active Listings

We keep track of all active NFT listings across all marketplaces on Solana and expose them via our APIs. You can build anything from bots to entire NFT marketplaces.

NFT Fingerprint

Our NFT fingerprint API gives you (non-metadata) information about a batch of NFTs — i.e., what collection they belong to, if they are actively listed, or if the NFT was burned.

NFT Metadata

Instead of making multiple RPC calls and decoding account data, you can bulk-fetch metadata for any Solana NFT in a highly-performant manner.

Example Use Cases