Solana Indexing

Performant querying of Solana data.

Out-of-the-Box Indexing

We currently run two indexers available through our REST APIs:
  • Solana transactions indexer
    • Includes 60 days of Solana transactions, queryable by time or block ranges.
  • NFT Events Indexer
    • Includes all Solana NFT events that have ever happened on-chain (including NFT Sales, NFT mints, NFT listings, etc). See more here: NFT Events (Historical Querying).

Real-time Indexing

Helius makes real-time indexing incredibly simple with webhooks. Simply input the accounts you'd like to listen to and forward them to your endpoint. Here is a sample tutorial to get you started:
To learn more about webhooks:
You can also index real-time data with Geyser plugins. See our Geyser section for more information on this:

Custom On-Demand Indexing

Most teams commonly need custom indexed data, either of their custom programs or their accounts.
We are more than happy to help out with any of these requests and have done so for many Solana teams. To inquire about custom indexing, contact us on Discord or Telegram.