Solana RPCs

Experience Solana's powerful hardware.
Our RPCs are in Beta while we perform optimizations (we didn't want to just release any RPC). Please let us know if you experience any issues.

What is the Solana RPC API?

At Helius, on top of our enhanced APIs — we also provide you with access to the most powerful and most affordable RPCs in the Solana ecosystem. All of our RPCs are archival.

How to use the Helius RPC?

Simply generate an API key (see Broken link) and supply it to our RPC endpoint at:<INSERT YOUR API KEY HERE>
We also provide various controls to fine-tune your RPC access patterns (i.e., only allow requests from certin IPs or domains). You can configure these in our dev portal.

Devnet RPC (NEW)

You can also hit our devnet with the following base URL:<your-key-here>

RPC Optimizations

To offer best-in-class performance, we perform various optimizations under-the-hood including indexing, caching, and running exclusively on the most performant bare-metal machines on the market.

RPC Reference Documentation

For a full list of available RPC methods — please see the Solana JSON-RPC specification, here.