Helius RPCs

Take your Solana projects to the next level with Solana's leading RPCs.

What is the Solana RPC API?

RPCs are how you communicate with blockchains. If you need to read data from the blockchain or write data to the blockchain, you do this by using an RPC node.
Here is a brief explainer on how RPCs on Solana works for the curious reader:

What makes Helius RPCs Different?

At Helius, we are Solana natives. We've been here since the beginning — and unlike other RPC providers, we are exclusively focused on perfecting the Solana experience. We do not build for other chains and as a result have more resources and domain expertise to pour towards Solana RPCs.
We pride ourselves in having the most reliable RPC offering in the entire ecosystem. Consistent performance, consistent pricing, consistent uptime, never any surprises. If you do run into any issues, we provide best-in-class 24/7 support to help unblock you and keep you moving forward.

How to use the Helius RPC?

Simply generate an API key at and supply it to our RPC endpoint:<INSERT YOUR API KEY HERE>
We also provide various controls to fine-tune your RPC access patterns (i.e., only allow requests from certain IPs or domains). You can configure these in our dev portal.

Devnet RPC

You can also hit our devnet with the following base URL:<your-key-here>

RPC Optimizations

To offer best-in-class performance, we perform various optimizations under-the-hood including indexing, caching, edge networks, and running exclusively on the most performant bare-metal machines on the market.

Dedicated Nodes

We also provide dedicated and private RPC nodes at best-in-class rates. Please message us on Discord or Telegram to learn more.

RPC Reference Documentation

For a full list of available RPC methods — please see the Solana JSON-RPC specification, here.