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What Does Helius Offer?

With Helius, you have all the tools you need to bring your ideas to life on Solana.
Our offerings include:
  • The most reliable RPCs on Solana
  • Enhanced Solana APIs (NFT APIs, transaction parsing)
  • Fast, highly configurable Webhooks
  • Geyser-as-a-Service and Serverless Geyser
  • Scalable Archival Data Stores


Our RPCs are powered by the most advanced hardware around, ensuring that your app will perform at its best, at a competitive price. With our services, you can confidently build the highest performance apps without worrying about reliability. We pride ourselves in having the best reliability in the entire ecosystem and have an unrelenting focus on developer experience and support if you run into any issues.


Our webhooks allow you to easily respond to on-chain events in real-time. With our built-in support for over 70 transaction types and low-latency event streaming, you can automate your app's interactions with the Solana blockchain without spending time on complex smart contract parsers. You can subscribe to different transaction types or account changes. The best part? You can input upto 100 thousand addresses into a single webhook.

Enhanced Solana APIs

Making sense of Solana data can be challenging, as it often appears as a series of long, obscure hashes without context. This can make it difficult for users to understand what they're looking at and hinders the adoption of crypto by mainstream audiences.
Helius APIs make it easy to understand and use Solana data by providing enriched, descriptive context. Instead of opaque hashes, our APIs allow you to see the details of on-chain transactions, such as whether they are NFT listings, DEX swaps, DeFi loans, or DAO votes.

High Performance Packages (Indexing, Geyser, Archival Datalakes)

We also offer on-demand indexing, low-latency & fault-tolerant Geyser-as-a-Service, as well as access to archival Solana datalakes. Contact us on Discord to learn more.