Mission & Values

Our operating principles.


  • To inspire the creation of crypto-powered software by providing a seamless developer experience.


  • Relentless focus on holistic customer experience: We prioritize understanding and meeting our customers' needs by providing intuitive and seamless experiences across all touchpoints. From discovery of our platform all the way until late night support calls.
  • High agency: We encourage and empower our team members to take ownership of their work and drive impactful outcomes — no matter the roadblocks — with autonomy and creativity. We figure out ways to get things done instead of dwelling about how they can’t be done.
  • Move fast: crypto moves fast, we must move faster.
  • Action-oriented: We prioritize action and results over deliberation, and are willing to take risks to achieve our goals.
  • Efficient communication: We communicate clearly and effectively to ensure alignment, transparency, and accountability throughout the organization. We add TL;DR sentences to clearly distill our points and get to the point.