NFT Collection Mintlists

What are Mintlists?

A "mintlist" is a list of the mint accounts of all the NFTs in a given NFT collection. In other words, it's the list of all the NFTs for a given collection.
For more information on working with NFT collections, please read Working with NFT Collections on Solana.
Burned NFTs are not included in the mintlist.


Obtain all NFTs for a given NFT collection.
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Code Samples

Basic example

const axios = require('axios')
const url = `<api_key>`
const getMintlist = async () => {
const { data } = await, {
"query": {
// ABC collection
"firstVerifiedCreators": ["GVkb5GuwGKydA4xXLT9PNpx63h7bhFNrDLQSxi6j5NuF"]
"options": {
"limit": 10000
console.log("Mintlist: ", data.result);